Bradfer-Lawrence - a rather different kind of collection

About the website

This website displays an online selection from the Bradfer-Lawrence collection, which consists of almost 4,000 items, many of which have their own 'sub items', such as the pages of a book, or one letter in a bundle of letters. The main catalogue for the collection is stored both on this site and on the A2A website. This website develops the catalogue by proving images of particular collection items and also by organising some of these into paged copies (see the Fountains Abbey Stockbook).
Potentially, therefore, the website could ultimately consist of several hundred thousand items. Many items are digistised versions of documents, and the value of these as a screen resource can be enhanced by transcription, translation (in some cases), and interpretation. The website supports this process by displaying transcriptions where these are available.

In order to make this possible, the website extracts data from a database and then 'builds' a webpage dynamically to make the data available on screen. The pages are built using the PHP scripting language, and the data is stored in a MySQL database. All the content you see on screen is added to the website using online web forms, making it possible for many people to assist in the development of the site. If you would like to become involved in this process you can contact Yorkshire Archaeological Society using the Contacts page available from the 'About' menu above.

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