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Life in a big house

Gisburn Park from The History and Antiquities of Craven by T. D. Whitaker, 1878
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Look at the picture
One family lived in the mansion house on top of the hill.
1. What sort of family do you think it was?
2. Would you have liked to live there?

MD335/1/1/12/1/192:	Plan of Gisburn Park, 1817
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Look at the map, dated 1817:
The mansion house, marked 1, is in the north of the Park. The village of Gisburn lies to the south of the Park, where ‘Gisburn’ is marked on the map.
1. Imagine the journey that the Rev Joseph Knowles, who lived in the vicarage, would have to make when he visited Lord Ribblesdale, who lived in the mansion house. What would he have seen as he walked up the driveway?
2. Were any animals kept at the Park?
3. What evidence is there that Lord Ribblesdale planned the layout of the Park?
4. What do you think could have been grown in the hot-houses?

document image of MD335/1/4/7/27
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Look at the advert for letting Gisburn Park, dated 1833
The mansion house was going to be rented out. Lord Ribblesdale had died the previous year, leaving his wife Adelaide and four children: Adelaide (aged 6), Thomas (aged 5), Isabel (aged 3) and baby Elizabeth. The family also had a house in London and many relatives.
1. Why do you think the family decided to leave the mansion house?
2. What sort of family might have been interested in renting the mansion house?
3. What evidence is there that Lord Ribblesdale’s family was interested in art?
4. The handwritten note says that an excellent pack of harriers (hunting dogs) was kept in the neighbourhood. What other livestock was kept on the estate? Were all the animals kept for the same purpose?

Describe a building as if you were going to rent it out
What building will you choose? Why not describe your school? Describe the playground, classrooms and hall. What is it near? Is there a library or book corner? What sort of things are on the walls, and why? Would your description attract pupils to the school?
Draw a sketch map of the school site marking the layout of the buildings and grounds.



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