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Yorkshire gentry pedigrees and arms

Manuscript volume of pedigrees and coats of arms [mainly of Yorkshire families], with index at back.
Possibly incomplete, as many shields for the coats of arms are left blank, but some have inked in details of the achievement and others are painted in colour.
Volume previously the property of Ralph Thoresby, given to him by George Plaxton, rector of Barwick in Elmet.
Names jotted on front flyleaf: Mr Purvs Haman; Francis Gilberte; Richard Hamon; on page 457: 'For my parte I care not a tord for you all if you care no mor for mee, mad of a wiseman Thomas Jeffery'.
From page 449 onwards are listed knights, gentlemen and esquires resident in some of the bailiwicks of the North Riding, the liberty of Kingston upon Hull, the East Riding.
Surnames listed in the contemporary index: Anderton, Arre, Annams, Atton, Are, Ardinton, Anger, Armytage, Barnby, Birthwait, Benrye, Binson, Beamond, Boland, Bensterston, Beuerley, Bowyvild, Burnum, Baldonne, Burton, Burdet, Brongse, Baxter, Birkheade, Britton, Boswell, Bothom, Blith, Burkine, Blithman, Barstone, Bland, Browne, Banister, Brandsbie, Burton, Boultonn, Cox, Constable, Clarell, Coldcare, Crosland, Claremont, Clithera, Castilford, Cay, Clayton, Copley, Clargell, Clarevax, Cresey, Care, Challinger, Crosbye, Cockfeild, Dronfield, Duckingfield, Dawney, Dracotte, Denton, Denman, Dighton, Dinley, Divillas, Emley, Englebie, Everington, Elithera, Ellis, Freynd, FittzWilliam, Fairefax, FitzHenry, Foster, Frandson, Fristenne, Frisbyshier, Frost, Fonckingham, Flemyen, Folioit, Frobisher, Franke, Frenkish, Foux, Frevill, Firness, Greenwood, Gargrave, Goldsbinre, Gryce, Gonlyer, Gunclethwite, Green, Greggesonne, Goland, Gomerstales, Gower, Hillyard, Hallaye, Hilton, Hay, Haistinge, Hutchinson, Hamertonn, Heaslenton, Harrington, Hesledon, Hopton, Harringill, Hervitt, Holdgaite, Harringell, Howbarke, Hardwick, Horberie, Hiddhirst, Hasledon, Hacktstonn, Isney, Jackson, Kilingbecke, Keton, Kelford, Lewis, Longvaile, Laware, Lankton, Lord, Lentrope, Lambart, Liversage, Laiveton, Lee, Lacie, Leeds, Ledster, Laine, Levente, Mannery, Molinawx, Mongomerie, Mylmay, Mowbery, Mallory, Maltis, Markinfield, Mannors, Midsley, Mallet, Moore, Mirfield, Medey, Mantby Mortonn, Middeleton, Normaywell, Newbort, Oldworke, Oxnop, Oxley, Oxspring, Plumptonne, Pickring, Pearcie, Peares, Palmes, Parcevell Grisaker, Pollington, Paule, Pecke, Parselay, Prindsey, Partington, Phillbord, Redins, Rattclif, Rockley, Rearsbye, Rider, Rye, Rhodes, Rookes, Rickard, Ramsdonne, Ridmond, Rowdon, Ricsame, Sothell, Sea, Savile, Shopfield, St Quynton, Scrope, Sakeville, Strangwayes, Skipwith, Stansfeild, Sampford, Stenbronge, Sturley, Skelton, Saint George, Surleby, Saint Hell, Stanfeild, Sarthforde, Sherbrouke, Swifte, Swillington, Stuckdell, Sproston, Straw, Turner, Tailboyes, Thornell, Tichburn, Tinsley, Tives, Thornell, Tankersley, Thorgoland, Turton, Tankerd, Toplife, Thirclif, Veer, Vevisur, Uslett, Villers, Vinsonn, Wosper, Washinge, Wallis, Warbie, Worsley, Wifield, Warmby, Woode, Wooddall, Wadsley, Womell, Wilkinso, Wooddes, Wallis, Whitley, Woodrofe, Witham, Westby, West, Wormley, Worrell, Wand, Wolstrip, Walitt, Willobye, Watterhouse, Whitley, Wattorton.
[This may well not be entirely comprehensive of all the pedigrees and coats of arms included; spellings of the same name may vary between that by the coat of arms and that in the index entry]
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